The next six pictures are of a installation on the pavilion  facing the Straights of Georgia in Blaine, WA. They were taken during the sculpting process, at the foundry, during the installation and on dedication day.

The sculpture is called "Vigil". It celebrates the city of Blaine's rich fishing heritage that goes  back to the 1800's. 

For every fisherman who went to sea there was a vigil kept by those who stayed behind waiting for their return. These were the women who provided the civilizing influences that kept the home fires burning and perpetuated the culture. They taught the young, nursed the sick and cared for the elderly. They were the steady hand behind the schools, the churches and the community.

The “Vigil” sculpture is a tribute to these unsung women. It depicts a mother, grandmother and a child at water’s edge awaiting the return of the fishing fleet at the turn of the century. In a larger sense, these three generations represent the Past, the Present and the Future, both theirs and Blaine’s.












            photo by Rob Olason


The next three pictures are of an  installation in a little jewel of a park called The Fairhaven Village Green. They were taken just after installation and before dedication day when there wasn't anyone around to block the view.








These pictures were taken on dedication day. This was one of the few times that day we could get close enough to the sculpture to see it through the crowds. I can't even guess how many thousands of pictures were taken of people sitting on the bench with him. Kids are drawn to the sculpture and love to crawl all over it which  makes me very happy.








This picture is one of a 1 and 1/2 life-size clay bust. It has now been cast in bronze and installed.




This picture is of  life-size clay figure. It is in the foundry and will be installed soon.